No Shave November

You’ve seen it on celebrities and on friends, heard about it from various companies and stores doing the contest with all of their employees and you’ve probably have heard about it on the news. No Shave November is a fun and easy way to raise money for a great cause while enjoying yourself. Many companies tweak the rules a bit to work with their dress codes. The worldwide company my husband works for doesn’t allow any facial hair except mustaches on their employees so all the men begin the mustache growing contest the first day in November with a clean slate and the last day of the month awards are given out. (Trust me, not all men can look good rocking a stache …my hubby being one of them!) No Shave November is a lot of fun for men and women and it’s for a great cause.

No Shave November’s Mission…

‘No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education’.

What Is No Shave November?

The entire month of November, participants give up shaving and grooming in hopes of people starting a conversation about the hair while the participant can help spread the word on cancer awareness.   We are supposed to embrace our hair; hence no grooming or shaving since most of those fighting cancer have already lost theirs.

How Do I Get Involved?

Men and Women can both take part in No Shave November and you can let everything from your mustache to your armpits to your leg hair grow to show support. Create a personal fundraising page on for yourself or to support others.

No Shave November Rules…

The rules are simple. No waxing, shaving or grooming for 30 days. Ideally any donations towards the cause help greatly but you can also use the money you would pay for grooming that month as your donation. It doesn’t matter how strict or laid back you want to follow No Shave November as long as you’re taking part and bringing cancer awareness then you’re doing it right!

When The Contest Is Over and It’s Time To Start Shaving…

lab series gel review
Whether it’s your beard or a mustache that needs a fresh clean up after No Shave November, you need to make sure to pamper your skin keeping it nice and soft. A great shaving cream my husband uses is Lab Series Max Comfort Shave Gel. I had purchased it for him to try it out especially since he has to shave daily for work and easily gets skin irritation around his neck area. He absolutely loved it. The shaving cream has a very light scent which was a big plus for him but it also went on very smoothly and lathered on nicely. He felt that even with a nice, close shave that it gives, he also had less nicks and less irritation after he is done shaving.
no shave november shaven
  Another thing that we both had noticed is his skin is so soft and moisturized after shaving with Lab Series Max Comfort Shave Gel that he doesn’t need to put on aftershave or any other products to soothe the freshly shaved skin. It definitely has my man’s seal of approval and as the one to constantly kiss his soft face, it totally has mine as well!

Good luck with No Shave November and get your coworkers, your best friends and even your neighbors together and start a contest…whomever can’t last the month must pay a fee that will be donated to Cancer Research. Make your own rules and make it fun. You’re doing such a great thing, for such a great cause so have fun and just Let it Grow!

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