Osmosis - Harmonized H2O

Harmonized H20 utilizes frequencies imprinted on water molecules to balance energetic disruptions in our system. Science tells us that we are all made from vibrational energy, meaning every component in the body has a unique frequency that distinguishes it from everything else. As you might imagine, when we eat badly, drink heavily, inhale toxins, or suffer from an illness, we change the makeup of our body and also change the cellular vibrations that comprise that tissue. Harmonized Water is designed to recalibrate the damaged tissue and restore it to its optimal state. Harmonized H20 was developed using a combination of groundbreaking technologies. We can determine the frequency of any substance in nature, which allows us to create specific frequency remedies for many conditions. Osmosis has also discovered through years of research how to permanently imprint vibrational frequencies onto water molecules enabling us to communicate easily with cells in the body. There are several formulas available that address a wide variety of ailments, including fatigue, depression, acne, rosacea, allergies, sun protection, nail strength, hair loss and sleep deprivation.
Suitable for all ages, Harmonized H20 ignores cells that are already balanced, so there are no side effects. Harmonized H20 is not a medicine or a drug but rather a formula that helps balance cellular disharmonies, thereby encouraging the body to heal itself. Regardless of age, Harmonized H20 re-calibrates altered frequencies that then lead to cellular changes, which assist in healing the body naturally and make the body's physiology function better within hours or days of starting it. osmosis harmonized h20 outside
Harmonized H2O comes in 6 versions, each described below.
Environmental Protection Harmonized Water: Harmonize your immunity defense against environmental toxins with Environmental Protection. The Environmental Protection formula is specifically designed to balance the disharmonies associated with the environmental toxins that we are exposed to daily (carbon monoxide, glucose, sulfites, nitrites, mercury, lead, arsenic, and more). Add this allergy crime-fighter to your daily routine this season and say goodbye to those pesky allergy symptoms! Inner Harmony Harmonized Water: Inner Harmony not only aids in balancing skin and overall state of mind, it also aids in organ protection. By helping your organs detox daily, you provide each organ (like your heart) with the power of protection. Removing toxins from the body daily helps keep your body alkaline, which in turn helps ease inflammation. Inner Harmony is an important part of keeping your body in line so your heart can keep you going. Take it twice daily for optimum results. Tan Enhancing UV Neutralizer: Tan Enhancing UV Neutralizer allows UV cancellation waves to vibrate on the skin, preventing sun damage from the inside out. No Tan UV Neutralizer: No Tan UV Neutralizer is  great when you do not want to tan. It will not keep you from tanning naturally but it will not increase your tanning potential. Any UV rays that do reach your skin will cause your skin to tan as that is the body's way of protecting our skin. With No Tan UV Neutralizer, fewer UV rays will hit your skin. For easy effective sun protection, drink up. Mosquito Harmonized Water: Mosquito Harmonized Water helps keep mosquitos away by creating a vibration on our skin which detracts them from landing and feeding.  This is the most natural and effective way to protect yourself without dowsing your body in harmful chemicals.  Osmosis recommends to keep perfumes and cologne at a minimum and wear a natural antiperspirant to fend them off. If you do get bit, keep some Environmental Protection Harmonized Water on hand to treat the bite and harmonize your antihistamine reaction. Hormone Health Harmonized Water: Hormone Health Harmonized Water helps with Thyroid deficiencies and also aids in balancing symptoms of menopause, "man-o-pause," hair loss, libido and fertility. Skin Perfection Harmonized Water: A dietary supplement that addresses symptoms of skin inflammation, rosacea, acne and other skin concerns. You can find Osmosis' line of Harmonized H2O here.

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