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Osmotics is a “SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TECHNOLOGY” product line – its written right on the box! With cutting edge technology that is proven through double blind studies in major medical centers you are sure to see results! As they say, “serious skincare for serious results”. When you choose Osmotics you are purchasing not only an elegant product that has all the cosmetic bells and whistles, but it also has the purest, highest quality ingredients that will leave you feeling beautiful.
A personal touch from the Founder, Francine Porter - “Less is more: Skin can easily be over treated (over cleansed, over moisturized, over exfoliated). Skin reacts most favorably to a simple regimen using a minimum number of products. Our system eliminates extremes and allows the skin to maintain a state of balance and health.
Only the Finest Ingredients in our Formulations: We use the highest quality and purest form of botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins and natural oils. We do not add artificial colors, fragrances, mineral oils or unnecessary additives. Anti-aging Cosmeceuticals/Cutting Edge Technology: Our anti-aging products incorporate the most advanced thinking and technology available. We utilize patented technologies from the biotech/medical field that have undergone independent clinical testing to provide you with clinically proven benefits. Results: We believe in the intelligence of our consumers. “Hope in a bottle” no longer applies. We do not promise miracles but we do promise RESULTS. Great skin can happen at any age, it is up to you.”
More about what “SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TECHNOLOGY” actually means. “Each Osmotics Cosemeceutical product is developed in concert with our distinguished panel of scientific advisors – internationally renowned dermatologists and anti aging clinicians.” So basically, you can purchase Osmotics products with confidence and hope that you will create your own simplified anti-aging skincare regimen with results!   Four easy steps to remember for healthy and younger looking skin (this is truly for everyone – and a great rule of thumb for all skincare regimens):  Step 1 – Always cleanse your skin morning and night!   *Tip: Cleanse twice each time. First to remove makeup & second to cleanse the skin and get it prepared to absorb your treatment and moisturizing products. For a more effective cleanse try a cleansing device like the FOREO LUNA’s or a Clarisonic Cleansing Device. 
Step 2 – Use a targeted treatment or correcting product for your biggest concern.  *Tip: Use a serum for deeper penetration. Pick your biggest concern like either, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, dull complexion, acne or dry skin. Always allow product to fully absorb before applying your next step. Treatments should be used morning and night for optimal results unless otherwise noted in directions or by physician. 
Step 3 – Moisturize your skin, aka Defend. All skin types need to moisturize the skin to keep it healthy. This means even oily skin! Moisturizers now also include many anti-aging benefits like antioxidants or peptides to help fight free radicals and provide an instant plumping effect to the skin.  *Tip: For normal to dry skin use a heavier cream based moisturizer, while combination to oily skin should look for a lotion with key words such as “oil-free”. Also, to get more out of your products look for buzz words such as: hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, ceramides, coconut oil, and DNA. 
Step 4 – Protect your skin from sun exposure and UVA and UVB rays. Apply SPF every morning while getting ready and do not forget to reapply as needed. It isn’t stressed enough how important SPF truly is in your anti-aging regimen. Really, in every regimen! Protect yourself from not only damaging/aging rays – but why risk skin cancer.  *Tip: For everyday use (YES YEAR ROUND) use a SPF that is formulated specifically for the face. Then have your go to body SPF for outdoor activities. A lot of the facial SPF’s have even more benefits that you may not realize.
Now that you are on skincare, product, & Osmotics overload, let us know if you have any further questions! We have a Customer Service Team that is full of expert advice and can help assist you with any product, skincare or order questions you may have. 
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Written by: Danielle Jones | Marketing Coordinator | askderm
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