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We all know the connotations of spring; renewal and looking forward, leaving the dark, dry and icy gloom of winter in our past. Springing forward and spring-cleaning apply not only to our homes and the length of our days but also to the health of our bodies, inside and out. Time to Exfoliate: if you don’t exfoliate head to toe on the regular, now’s the time to start. With winter’s dry heat our skin had a harder time with it’s own natural slothing and exfoliating process. Use a dry brushing method or a gentle body scrub to rid yourself of visible rough patches. You will have a closer shave and a more even sunless tanner application. Full body exfoliation promotes the growth of new healthy cells and also has the benefit of increasing circulation that may temporarily leave you feeling invigorated. If you choose a salt scrub you have the added mineral benefits as well as the fact that salt has anti-microbial properties and can help with blemish causing bacteria. Eat for the Season: To receive the optimum nutrient benefits we should always choose our produce seasonally. Asparagus’ unique properties make it a stand out. Glutathione, an antioxidant found in asparagus and cruciferous vegetables, protects your body from carcinogens. For your skin, this means that asparagus can protect cells from UV damage. Asparagine, an amino acid in asparagus, helps to flush excess fluid and salt from the body, which will relieve that sluggish feeling due to bloating. Schedule a Hair appointment: If you have not had an appointment with your stylist this entire winter book one ASAP. Now is the time to receive a trim and remove any split/dead ends. Rainy weather and a fresh blowout do not mix, so get creative with braids and buns. As the humidity increases it may be harder to maintain a pin-straight, flat ironed look if your hair is naturally curly. Equally frustrating is trying to keep bouncy curls from gong limp if your hair is naturally straight, so embrace your natural hair texture as the weather warms. Change formulas: As the seasons change you may need to switch up your products. Heavy moisturizers can be swapped for lightweight lotions if you are noticing an increase in oil or perspiration on the skin. If you were using a hair mask weekly during the cold season, you may need to skip a week if you notice your hair is becoming greasy faster. Spring Cleaning at askderm Spring Cleaning: No it’s not just for cleaning dusty corners or dirty windows in your home. Spring-cleaning applies to your beauty products. If you are not regularly washing your makeup brushes, now is the time to give them a good shampoo. Sanitize your makeup palettes and toss that grimy cosmetic bag. Replace your mascara every three months to avoid harmful bacteria. Pencils and pressed powders have a significantly longer life span than liquid and cream products and can last two years plus. Loose mineral powders are inert and cannot harbor or grow bacteria but if you are applying them with a germ-ridden brush, you are not doing your skin any favors. If the consistency, color or odor changes with any of your products, then it is time to toss and replace. Sun Protection: While we all know that we should be wearing an SPF year round, few do. As the weather warms and we ditch our gloves and heavy sweaters, more skin is revealed and being exposed to harmful UV rays. Do not forget about parts that are regularly exposed but rarely protected, like the hands while driving. Check your sunscreen dates! Unopened they usually last a few years. Opened SPF needs to be replaced annually. Sunscreen formulas can easily become unstable due to temperature changes or from sitting so long that the formula starts to separate. This also means the sun protection ingredients may be unevenly distributed within the lotion and will not give you an even coverage of protection from the sun. Happy Spring, happy and healthy skin and hair to everyone!
askderm's in-house Esthetician
Blog Written by askderm's in-house Esthetician  Chantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 9 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers.

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