The Best Ways to Deal with Rosacea

With Rosacea being a very common skin disorder, there are an estimated 16 million Americans who are suffering with this condition and according to, there are millions of others who may be in a temporary remission. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which causes overly sensitive skin, red pus filled pimple like bumps, visible blood vessels and skin that flushes and blushes very easily. Women are affected more than Men as well as those whom are over 19 are more likely to have signs or symptoms of the skin disorder. Although it is easily diagnosed, it cannot be cured but it can be managed and treated, usually by antibiotics, topical and simple lifestyle changes. Rosacea can last your entire life or even a few years, varying by person and the severity of the skin condition.

Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

In order to keep your skin clear and calm or even trying to ease the symptoms of a current flare up, here are some tips and tricks my esthetician friends and myself suggest to our clients.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure. If you’re going to be outdoors even on a cloudy day, you must keep your skin protected by using at least a good SPF 50 and even a wide brimmed hat.
  • Put Down The Alcohol! If you must drink, make sure it’s a glass of cold white wine.
  • Avoid Anything Spicy. Just like spicy foods may cause some discomfort inside, it will warm up your temperature causing irritation on your skin.
  • Use Gentle Products. Not all products are made for everyone’s skin type, especially those with sensitive skin. Staying clear from harsh products including those with lots of vitamin A, glycolic and fruit acids and even those with lots of strong fragrances should be avoided.
  • Don’t Go Face First! We all love trying new products but when you know you have extremely sensitive skin you shouldn’t apply a new product directly all over your face right away…try a couple days of applying something new on your forearm or wrist to avoid not only a bad reaction but possible pain and discomfort.
  • Have A Good Esthetician. Find yourself a good esthetician that knows how to deal with Rosacea and knows how to give you a customized facial based on your individual skin care needs. These customized facials really will help with managing flare ups.
  • Avoid Steam! Whether you are sipping on a delicious cup of coffee or cooking in the kitchen, you really should put lids on items that have steam to avoid skin irritation and redness.
  • Green Based Makeup. Purchasing concealer or foundation with a green base will counteract with the redness creating a more skin colored tone. You can purchase a green concealer stick and other green colored products used to correct redness where cosmetics are sold.

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Dealing With Rosacea…

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, rich or poor…Rosacea is a difficult thing to deal with not just physically but emotionally. Many people who suffer from the chronic skin disorder become depressed and begin having low self-esteem and many insecurities when dealing with some of the symptoms. You have to remember you’re not alone and many others out there including some of your favorite celebrities are dealing with some of the same issues you are dealing with. A good Dermatologist isn’t the only thing you need to help manage your Rosacea but you deciding you must make some minor adjustments in your life will help you achieve results much easier. Just remember when you’re feeling down or your insecurities are getting to you, listen to Marilyn Monroe and ’Keep Smiling Because Life Is A Beautiful Thing And There’s So Much To Smile About’…Just breathe…be patient, it will get better.

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