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Why Puristics?
It’s simple: The Power of Pure.  Pure, safe and effective. Just look at our labels. Every day, we’re exposed to chemicals, pollutants, and other substances that can cause us harm—immediate or longer term. We can’t eliminate all risks, but we can make choices that help to reduce our exposure. We believe that you shouldn’t have to cover yourself in harsh chemicals as part of your daily personal care routine. We also believe you should get all of the effectiveness you need from your personal care products. Take a good look at the ingredients listed on many of the personal care products currently available. If it’s on the label, it’s in the product, and it could be seeping into your skin. Check out product ingredient ratings at Skin Deep, the online cosmetics safety database created by the Environmental Working Group in partnership with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. At Puristics®, we believe in the Power of Pure. We use a process called Engineered Simplicity which means we engineer our products using the latest science to uncover the power of naturally derived ingredients and compounds, and then combine them for outstanding effectiveness and safety. We’ve spent long hours making our products be the best they can be and still be free from harsh chemicals or known irritants.
Pure. Safe. Effective. Discover the Power of Pure.
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