Tips for buying skin care products online

Need a little help trying to find the right product for your skin while buying skin care products online? Here are 5 top tricks you can use when you are ready to make that next purchase: 1. Ask! If  you aren't sure if a product is right for you just contact us! We strive on our "expert advice". You can call in to our Customer Service to actually speak with a person! We have extensive training not only regarding products, but active ingredients, skin types, skin tones and pretty much all things skin care! We also are up to date on each individual product line we carry. So if you are wondering if the product in your cart is right for you - or need some positive reinforcement about how others have like the product - just contact us! Chances are someone in the office has used or is using one of the products too! We are all product junkies and LOVE what we do! Our Customer Service can be contacted during office hours either by Live Chat, email ( or by phone (1-800-393-3848). If you have a question while we are closed feel free to email us and we will get back to you the next business day!     2. Feel Safe & Secure! Know when you buy your skin care products that you are using a Verified site. Ordering online can sometimes lead to unwanted charges or a never ending supply of extra product. We never charge your card without your authorization, there are no trial offers that result in full price charges, and no monthly shipments that overload you with product when you don't need it.  3. 30 Day Return Policy! We stand behind our products! Know that when you buy a product with us we want to leave you satisfied and happy. We understand that each person is different and skin is very sensitive. Products work differently on everyone. Please keep in mind that if you feel a product just "isn't working", you should really give it a full 3-4 months time to see noticeable results. Even though we wish products provided instant results, remember the skin is an organ and skin cell turnover in your 20's (about 20 days) just isn't the same when you reach your 40's (about 45 days). 4. Know your skin type! Most skin care products are categorized by your skin type. Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, or Sensitive. While shopping or going through the large selection of products we carry - it helps out a TON if you already are aware of what type of skin you have. It will reduce the overwhelming amount of products we carry to a more approachable amount. Normal skin means you aren't too dry or oily. You very rarely experience breakouts, your skin doesn't feel tight after cleansing and you do not experience any redness. Dry skin is when your skin feels tight after cleansing or you experience flaking and never feel like you can moisturize enough. Oily skin is when you experience breakouts frequently, your skin appears shiny and you have larger pores. Combination skin is normal to dry skin on your cheeks and more shiny/breakout prone in your "T-zone" which would be your forehead, nose and chin. Sensitive skin is when you experience any redness, itchy or discomfort.  5. Smart Shopping! Keep an eye out for top brands, new products and ways to save. Thanks to social media and skincare shows we are always adding the most recent, trending, most effective products to our list of products! We also offer you the best prices we can! Between promotions, giveaways and advice we are here for you!
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Written by: Danielle Jones | Marketing Coordinator | askderm
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