Top 10 BEST Gifts of 2013

Need an idea for a gift? Need an excuse to treat yourself this Holiday Season? Well here is my list of the Top 10 BEST Gifts of 2013!

1. FOREO T-Sonic Cleansing/Anti-Aging Device ($139-$299)
2. Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Systems ($125-$204)
3. meSmooth At Home Professional Laser Hair Removal System
4. Osmosis Colour
5. Nip+Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix
6. VB Beauty Infusor Tool Kit
7. NIA 24 Healthy Skin Regimen Kit
8. TURO Starter Kit
9. Neostrata Skin Active Starter Kit
10. Wilma Schumann Holiday Kit

These products are great skincare gifts, because they are perfect for a wide range of skin types - all within different price points. They all promote healthy skin and will help treat and protect your skin against aging.

So here is the breakdown on WHY I think these are the BEST gifts for 2013! 

1. FOREO is a no brainer for me. I have been a fan since the moment we set eyes on this device at a beauty show in April. I personally LOVE mine and have several people completely hooked on this device! The range starts at $139 for the LUNA mini. This is great for ANYONE:  teenagers, men, travel, the gym & the beauty savvy guru on a budget. The LUNA ($199.99) is available in 3 colors that are targeted to your individual skin type, so this is a little more tricky for a present. They even have a LUNA for Men (also $199.99). The LUNA for Men is going to be the hottest new trend for men, not only does it promote healthy skin but it truly gives men the ultimate shave when you use this first! You will be surprised how much your guy will end up loving this fancy tool after they start using it! Then we have the all mighty and powerful LUNA Pro. The Pro is $299, but any skin type can use it & it has twin motors to really focus on both cleansing and anti-aging. Trust me. You will feel the difference immediately. This is currently a HOT item at askderm - mainly because we are lucky enough to be one of the only online retailers who sell the Pro!

2. Clarisonic is also no surprise to be on the list. It has and will continue to be one of the most popular gift giving items across the board! Teenagers, Woman, Men - basically everyone LOVES the Clarisonic! It has really turned into quite the big deal. We have devices ranging from $125 for the Mia all the way to the Aria that is $204. Don't forget if you gave someone a device last year - the Replacement Brush Heads are great stocking stuffers this year! We carry a large variety of Clarisonic accessories and devices so we have something for everyone!

3. meSmooth. I really can not tell you enough how exciting I am to be selling this product! It is truly one of the only at home professional laser hair removal systems on the market right now! I can personally tell you - this system ROCKS! I am only on week 5 of 7 treatments & I already am seeing actual results. How excited would someone you love be to receive this?! The WINTER is the PERFECT time to invest in this gadget! Why? Because - your all bundled up so no one notices your skin. How amazing would it be when spring and summer comes around to NOT have to shave! Not have to worry about your skin having stubble instead of being smooth? Oh and not have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars and make appointments and rush around during your "lunch break". Yup. Thats right. $395 for the device & $50 for replacement cartridges. 7 weeks to beautiful hair free skin! I wouldn't be so excited about this one if I didn't see the results myself. PLUS: you can absolutely share this! You can buy 1 device and each person get their own cartridge and viola instant savings! Ok. I could go on forever - but on to the next gift.

4. Osmosis Colour is our newest addition to our mineral makeup category. I have used everything from Jane Iredale, Bare Minerals, Colorescience, even products like ForeverMakeup. This is my new crush. I can't get enough. I am a simple lady when it comes to my makeup. I really like to look natural. I am also very busy with 2 toddlers. So simple, lightweight, natural, flawless coverage and long lasting is crucial to me. The Osmosis Colour is all of the above and more. Plus, this may sound really strange - but it smells AMAZING! I love how you can really build your coverage and by the end of the work day you still look how you did when you came in! This is starting to really expand too - perfect for Holiday Photos, Family Portraits, Senior Pictures coming up. It photographs flawlessly.

5. Nip+Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix is on here for multiple reasons. Clearly its a hot new product. It is also flying off our shelves and is UNDER $20! Honestly I would suggest any Nip+Fab or Nip+Man product as a great stocking stuffer! It is an amazing line with a wide variety of products. I know I will be gifting it to my friends and family this year!

6. VB Beauty has a cool eye Sonic Infusor Tool that comes in a kit with a product. This neato device really helps correct and honestly relax the eye area! It works amazingly on puffy eyes (like I stated above - I have 2 toddlers & sometimes I wake up looking & feeling like a zombie so I grab for my VB Beauty Infusor tool to help get rid of those scary looking bags under my eyes). For $25 - on sale now for a limited time offer - you can NOT go wrong by getting this for your friends or family!

7. NIA 24 has a great kit called the Healthy Skin Regimen Kit. This is perfect for ALL skin types and for any age. The NIA 24 products are geared towards not only preventing and protecting but also correcting any signs of aging or damage done t your skin. So if you have any questions as to what type of skin or what skincare products your special person in your life would be using then I would highly suggest this. My personal FAV is the physical cleansing scrub. I can not live without this. It is life changing.

8. TURO is all for the Man in your life. Or Men. I gave my guy the Starter Kit: Cleanse / Shave / Moisturize for his birthday this year and not only does he actually use it. He loves it. I may also sneak some of the body wash every once in a while because it just smells so good and your skin feels amazing! Men skincare is the biggest thing right now, even at the drugstore I have noticed Men's lines popping up all over. Keep your man looking slick with these products! He will thank you, even if he is hesitant to use it at first!

9. Neostrata has a full range of very effective anti-aging products. They offer a Skin Active Comprehensive Antiaging Regimen that is a 4 piece kit that will offer great results and would be a great way to interdict anti-aging products to say, your mom or an aunt or co-worker! I am fast approaching the 30's so I do not necessarily need these items yet, but I have given them as gifts a few times and have received rave reviews of the product afterwards!

10. Last but not least is the Wilma Schumann Holiday Kit! This is a must have on this list! It comes in the cutest bag and is packed full of Wilma Schumann goodies! The Collagen Booster Pads will change your life, the O2 Oxygen Blu is great for all skin types and the Collagen 2000 & Liposome Eye Contour are perfect for anti-aging! This kit really does have it all and works for such a wide variety of skin types anyone would fall in love with it as a gift!

So there is my list of whats hot this Holiday Season. Check the products out, if you have any questions or need more information just give a shout and we can help with your gift buying this Holiday Season! (Even if it is a present for yourself!) 

Stay beautiful.
Dani. askderm bblogger.

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