What are the differences between the Foreo Luna, Luna Pro, and Luna Mini?

The Foreo LUNA Mini is a travel-sized deep-cleansing facial cleansing device, made from soft rounded silicone, that has two speeds and provides up to 300 uses per full charge. The LUNA Mini is available in five bright colors and is suitable for all skin types.  In addition to the benefits of the LUNA Mini, the Foreo LUNA offers an anti-aging mode that uses low-frequency pulsations to reduce the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The LUNA has eight different speeds, provides up to 450 uses per full charge, and is available in three models depending on your skin type. The Foreo Luna Pro has a dual-motor to achieve clinical results at home. The LUNA Pro is suitable for all skin types since it adapts to your skin as it grows and changes. With their groundbreaking design and 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute to refresh the look of the skin, the FOREO Luna deep cleans and stimulates blood flow for a beautiful, radiant looking appearance.  The FOREO Luna facial cleansing brushes are 100% waterproof, made from washable silicone and unlike the other facial cleansing brushes out there, there is no need to replace the brush head since The Luna is non-porous and resistant to bacter With The FOREO Luna targeting all skin types, the only decision you need to make about purchasing this amazing product is which FOREO Luna device is right for you?    

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FOREO Luna Mini

The FOREO Luna Mini may be smaller than the other FOREO Lunas, but it is still just as powerful and works just as well regardless of its size.  The Mini is made for all skin types but is especially geared toward breakout suffers, teens, those with dull complexions and for travel use.  It comes with two speeds for a simple but effective cleansing experience and 300 uses per charge.  The FOREO Luna Mini comes in several bold colors including Cool Grey, Purple, Turquoise Blue, Petal Pink and Magenta.
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FOREO Luna ‘The Luna’

The FOREO Luna or ‘The Luna’ is great for those with normal, sensitive, ultra-sensitive or combination skin.  The brushes vary according to your skin type and are sold as Pink: Sensitive to Normal Skin, Blue: Combination Skin, White: Ultra-Sensitive Skin.  There are 8 speeds including a low anti-aging mode to massage those signs of aging, while increasing elasticity and collagen production leaving your skin looking younger and much smoother.
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FOREO Luna Pro

The FOREO Luna Pro is great for all your anti-aging needs.  This FOREO Luna was created for all those wrinkle prone areas working wonders for aging skin.  Lines and wrinkles become much smoother while nourishing your skin with oxygen and nutrients as it flushes away toxins.  There are 8 speeds with the dual T-Sonic motors as the first cleanses and the second motor is for anti-aging.  The FOREO Luna Pro comes in three subtle colors to choose from…Cream, Lavender and Mint.   The FOREO Luna is an amazing gadget that takes your cleansing routine to a whole new level.  With the variety of cleansing brushes to fit your individual skin care needs you can’t go wrong.  FOREO devices come with a 10 year quality guarantee as well as a 2 year warranty so you can feel secure with your purchase.  Once you try these amazing brushes and see the results for yourself, you’ll never go back to your old skincare routine!  
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