What to Do when your Skin Feels as Awkward as the Weather

The springtime is a beautiful season. The snow is melting and the days are starting to get warmer. As the days begin to get warmer and the flowers start to bloom again let's be honest…our skin freaks out. When a midday outfit change due to the weather and a whole box of tissues seems like a good idea, our skin is going to need some major TLC.

Let’s start with our cleansers. Unless is you’re trying to wash off a heavy sunscreen or a heavy makeup look there is little to no need to use soap in your face cleanser. But not all face cleansers are created equal and DCL Ultra Comfort Cleanser is the queen of the cleansers especially during this time of year. Not only is it free of fragrances and any known irritants, Ultra Comfort Cleanser is loaded with skin-saving ingredients such as Green Tea to protect skin from free radical damage, and it has Chamomile and Aloe Vera to help fight against springtime inflammation.

Now that our skin is cleansed it’s important to balance our pH with a toner and Murad Hydrating Toner is a perfect go-to product all throughout the year. Along with ingredients to help you get the most out of your cleansing routine, this hydrating toner also has cucumber extract to help calm your skin and peach extract to help keep your skin soft during what is still very dry and confusing weather.

After you let your toner sink in and balance your skin, this is when your serum comes into play. With spring break season just around the corner, sun protection is very important to keep in mind and that is why Vivierskin Vitamin C IDS High Potency Serum 10 is an amazing option. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, the dry winter weather can sometimes be the most acne clear season for us. If you fit that description using a hydrating toner plus this serum and a very light moisturizer only on your dryer areas is perfect. You get the brightening, tone and texture correcting and protection benefits of this serum plus the light moisture barrier protection of the cleanser and toner without the clogged pores and oil that can come with other products.

 DCL Ultra Comfort Cleanser

DCL Ultra Comfort Cleanser



Murad Hydrating TonerMurad Hydrating Toner


Vivierskin High Potency Serum 10

Vivierskin Vitamin C
IDS Hight Potency
Serum 10


Another serum that is perfect for this awkward weather is the Murad Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum. Whether you have a sunburn, just got waxed, or experience tight dry skin after washing your face this calming serum may just be your new best friend. It uses calming extracts including cucumber and flower extracts plus ginseng root to quiet that irritation and allow your skin to optimally absorb other products and take on the day! Prolonged irritation can lead to pigmentation and uneven skin texture so if you have skin irritation don’t just wish it away.

One of the most important parts of skincare is the care of your eye area because of the delicate nature of the skin and it being prone to aging and damage faster than the rest of the skin. Avene Retrinal Eyes not only has amazing decongesting properties to reduce puffiness and dark circles but it also has “soft focus” powders to reduce the look of irregularities and wrinkles. It also has powerful moisturizing ingredients and is hypoallergenic to help you looking bright-eyed ready to take on your spring allergies.

Something that is important throughout the whole year but even more so during transitional seasons is how you take off your makeup. With the eye area being even more prone to irritation during the late winter and early spring, to take off my eye makeup I use a petroleum jelly on Q-tips to carefully and gently take off my eye makeup and concealer and then use micellar water on cotton pads to take off the rest of my face makeup. An amazing option is La Roche-Posay Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin because it picks up makeup dirt and oil like a magnet without upsetting your moisture barrier. It also eliminates the need for rubbing which is one of the worst things you can do on any part of your skin.  Especially if you are a girl that loves her eye makeup it is very important to slowly and carefully remove that makeup and avoid drying ingredients and tugging or wiping of the skin.

Murad Sensitive Skin
Soothing Serum



Avene Retrinal Eyes




La Roche-Posay
Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin


With the right care and attention, you can take back control over your skin during this awkward transitional weather. Whether you’re getting ready to head off to spring break or totally OWN your Easter party, flawless soft and clear skin is always the best accessory!

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