Why You Can (and Should) Gift Skincare

Choosing the right gift could be rough especially when money is tight and you’re hoping your gifts can be enjoyed and go to good use.  I love the idea of giving and receiving skincare products since you’re not only just giving a gift, but you’re giving the gift of looking and feeling good…you can’t go wrong with that.

Let Them Indulge…  There are so many people who will purchase luxurious items for others but won’t splurge on themselves. Spoil them by letting them indulge and put themselves first for once. Rather than going to your local drug store to pick up generic skin care products, shop online where you can not only get advice from the experts, you can read reviews and find awesome promotions. Friends don’t let friends use cheap products…it’s a total no-no.


Personalized For Their Needs…  Rather than personalizing a gift with a name or monogram, why don’t you personalize a gift based on the person’s needs.  You know just how difficult it is for your best friend to find products for their sensitive skin, or how your teenage cousin wants to try different products for her acne…whatever the case may be, personalize your gift for their individual needs.  Show them that you were truly thinking of them.


Prepare Them For The Winter Holiday Season…  How perfect that the holiday gift giving season is during the cold, dark, winter months.  Help brighten their mood and keep their skin healthy during the harsh weather and help them be prepared to show off their glowing skin in the following months!


Boost Their Confidence…  Everyone loves a compliment!  Just imagine how many times you have either had compliments on your skin or if you’ve ever complimented someone on theirs and just how happy that makes someone feel.  I know when I receive a compliment whether it’s my hair or skin, it makes me feel like a million bucks.  Make someone smile by giving them the gift of great skin…making them feel like a million bucks every day!


Have Them Feeling Good and Looking Good Inside and Out… Not only will you be building their confidence while they are looking good, but you are also helping them with achieving healthier, more beautiful skin from the inside. Proper skincare can help minimize any damage done to their skin but it also protects them from any further damage they may cause.  It’s the gift that will keep on giving.


Gift Them The Gift Of Aging Gracefully... Everyone wants to look younger at one point or another and everyone wants to age slowly and gracefully so what better way to show you care!  Give them the tools they need to help slow the aging process down and help them look and feel younger. They’ll thank you later!

There are many different reasons why you totally can (and should) gift skincare but most importantly it’s a gift that you can guarantee will be enjoyed and make a difference.  So what are you waiting for?! Use askderm's Live Chat feature to help find the perfect gifts for all those special people in your life!
askderm's guest esthetician
Blog Written by askderm's Guest Esthetician 

Stephanie Ivonne is a New Jersey licensed Esthetician.  Her fun-loving, outgoing personality will shine through her product selections & reviews to help you discover the hottest skincare and beauty products.

When Stephanie is not scouring the internet for the next hot skincare product, she is a mother to two wonderful biological children, a dedicated foster mom and is devoted to her husband of 13 years.

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