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Murad Clarifying Mask

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A great clarifying mask will help your skin find some relief from blemishes and outbreaks.  The Murad Clarifying Mask is just what your skin needs for stripping away impurities and buildups in a gentle and effective way.

From the very first use, you’ll be impressed by what the Murad Clarifying Mask can do for your skin.  This all-natural clay based formula is designed to absorb impurities and then flush them away from your skin. 

Your face will feel more than clean, it will feel reawakened and rejuvenated.  Thanks to this highly effective clay based formula, you can expect less acne breakouts and less severity when acne breakouts occur. 

Soothing and Healing Inflamed Skin

A clarifying mask should soothe skin and reduce the irritation that accompanies acne breakouts.  By combining zinc and licorice, the Murad Clarifying Mask calms and soothes irritated and inflamed skin.  Don’t just assume that there is nothing you can do to fight acne, instead use the Murad Clarifying Mask and begin seeing immediate results.

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