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BEAUTISCOOP Crisp White/Green Duo Set

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2 Dual Sides Scoops
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This innovative, fun, and problem-solving product is a must-have for every woman’s beauty arsenal! The recoup BEAUTISCOOP™’s Dual Scoops fit into the narrow openings of the smallest-to-tallest containers to reach every drop you paid for. Its patented concave scoop design collapses to fit into tight openings, clings to the inside of the container, then captures the product and cradles without spills.


  • Flexible, dual-sized scoops on each device
  • 8” Length: Tiny tip for serums, lip glosses, lipsticks, tubes, travel sized containers. Large tip for lotions, foundations, moisturizers, shampoos, etc.
  • 11” Length: Ideal for taller bottles like body lotions, shampoo/conditioners.
  • Saves time & money
  • Clean with soap & water or makeup wipes

Perfect for: Anyone wanting to get every last drop out of their product.

Non-Porous | Stain-Resistant | Reusable

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jenny L.
I Love These Little Tools!

I purchased these Beautiscoops from askderm a while back, and have found many uses for the different sizes. They DO help you get every last drop of product out of bottles and jars! However, I like the small one to keep germs out of jars of moisturizers and eye creams! When I use my finger to do this, I KNOW I am not only wasting precious product but no matter how hard I try not to, I'm often inadvertently contaminating the whole jar, which is even more costly than leaving a little product inside an almost empty jar or bottle. After using, I wash my little scoop and let it air-dry, the put it back in my cosmetic case. These little scoops truly are very useful to not only save product but also keep it sanitary!

Melissa M.
Awesome tool

I love how this product has saved me so much money. Only thing I don't like about it is there is always left over product on the tip. It's hard to get that last drop because of the shape but otherwise a helpful product.

Very much worth having.

I have a competitors product that is supposed to get remaining products of jars and tubes; however, the Beautiscoop works better because it has different sized scoops on each end to the sticks so it doesn't matter what size jar or bottle you have - something will meet your needs. I agree with the claim that it pays for itself because you can recover every bit of unused product that would otherwise end up getting discarded. It's so satisfying to completely use up all of your beauty products for which good money was paid.