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ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care

ATZEN® is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, well known not just as the global innovation nexus for technology but also for its green, eco-friendly and eco-sustainable lifestyle.  ATZEN® embodies the convergence of technology and nature to create their Superior to Organic® Skin Care line which represents the latest in natural ingredients and manufacturing technology.  

ATZEN®'s proprietary formulations combine high percentages of organic plants, organic vitamins, algae, with scientific ingredients that work such as INTACT DNA® (ATZEN exclusive ingredient), peptides, resveratrol (pro-biotics from grapes), and ATP (liquid energy). In other words, the products are loaded with the most potent ingredients that work in synergy to maximize results. ATZEN® products have no parabens, no petrochemicals, no carcinogens, no hormone disruptors, are cruelty-free and GMO-free. All of our products are made in California, USA in FDA supervised labs with stringent quality controls and testing.

  ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care

Until recently it was not possible to formulate products that are organic and natural, and also deliver outstanding skin improvements, because the ingredients were simply not available. Now they are.

ATZEN®’s founder, Catherine Atzen, always dreamed of developing very effective organic products that really work. She developed four product lines before this one, and progressively made them more and more organic and free of chemicals. As better ingredients became available, Catherine reformulated again and again. She searches five continents to find the best ingredients and works with numerous scientists in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. ATZEN® is the first company to formulate products that are loaded with safe scientific and organic ingredients, without using chemicals.  Catherine Atzen will not compromise on results; she believes in using products morning and night that work, not just put a cover over your skin problems. 

Atzen Superior to Organic Skincare