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Why leave product in the bottom of the bottle? You paid for it and you deserve to use every last drop. recoup BEAUTISCOOP™’s patented innovative dual-scoop design allows you to get the most out of your beauty. From lotion to lip gloss, makeup to moisturizer, serum to shampoo, the flexible scoops fit into the narrow openings of the smallest to tallest beauty containers to capture every ounce of product from the bottom, sides, shoulders, and caps.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • BeautiScoop pays for itself over & over as you save up to 25% of potentially unused product.
  • The scoop is a Patented Technology that collapses to fit through any tight opening, and then flares back out to cling, capture and cradle product without spilling.
  • Keep it Clean: This multi-functional product is easily cleaned with soap and water or makeup wipes for various use.

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