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BIOBLISS is a cutting edge company that we are excited to introduce to you! Get more out of your skin care products by applying this pain-free and hassle-free disposable patch once a week! They are literally "Taking Beauty Deeper".

This Micro-Current Anti-Wrinkle Patch System will amaze you by focusing on the most important anti-aging regions of your face. With two different patches that are designed for the forehead and eyes you can treat those pesky crows feet or furrows with the targeted patches. It will transform your skin by increasing hydration, enhance tone and texture, and protecting your skin to reveal a more younger looking you.

BIOBLISS offers not only the easy to use Anti-Wrinkle Patch System but also four daily skin care use products. This full system will cleanse, exfoliate, treat and hydrate the skin assisting to provide longer patch results.

BIOBLISS was designed by a team with experience in the drug delivery field. The scientists at BIOBLISS knew that patches could deeply infuse the skin with active ingredients. Some examples of this on the market products would be the nicotine patch and even the estrogen patch - already proven to be safe and effective. The combination of this and estheticians using "galvanic micro-current" technology for cosmetic procedures to increase penetration to the skin is where the version of wrinkle reduction was developed into the BIOBLISS patch. With the power of the galvanic micro-current packed into the simplicity of a patch we expect great things from the BIOBLISS Patch.