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Thinning and lightening eyelashes can be difficult to maintain. Chemicals and thickening agents can be astringent or hazardous. Mascara can help, but long lasting and waterproof mascara can still smudge and cause discomfort to contact lens wearers. Keeping your eyelashes healthy and protected from the everyday environmental stress can be difficult. Making them look full and healthy can be even harder. Using curlers, chemicals, and mascaras can lead to thinning and lightening lashes. Keeping your lashes primed before you apply cosmetics can help keep your lashes looking their best. If you suffer from allergies to any dyes or fragrances, blinc’s primer is dye and fragrance free.

After applying a primer, instead of applying a traditional masacra to your eyes, blinc has come out with an innovative “tube” solution. As soon as blinc’s mascara is applied tiny unnoticeable tubes form around your eyelashes. If you struggle with waterproof solutions or itchy eyes, these tubes can withstand water and rubbing. Removing the mascara does not require any astringent make-up removers. Simply use warm water and a little pressure and the “tubes” will remove instantly.