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Carefree Naturals


The sunflower represents what makes Carefree Natural's natural sunscreen products unique. Sunflower oil is a key ingredient that acts as a natural moisturizer protecting the skin's natural elasticity and fights against fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it has inherent sun protection characteristics -  natural, fast-absorbing, long-lasting sun protection. 

After 33 years of developing sunscreens that have led the industry in SPF and water resistance, new research indicates that some chemical sunscreens may be unsafe to both people and the environment. There is a global trend among consumers toward natural skincare.  The confluence of these events is what motivated Carefree Naturals to develop a pure, natural, chemical free sunscreen using ingredients that everyone can read and pronounce.  At last, sunscreen that protects your skin invisibly, naturally, and safely.  

Perfect for every day!  It's safe for your children, the environment, and even the most sensitive skin.

Carefree Natural Sunscreen    Water Resistant 8 Hours    Tinted and Untinted    Good For Your Skin