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Healing from laser surgery can be a long process. If you want to care for your wounds with an all natural cream or ointment there may not be many options available to you. Catrix has developed an all-natural line of therapies for wound care and dermatology needs.

Catrix has been developed by scientists that specialize in cartilage therapy. This all natural healing cream has been made out of bovine cartilage and other all natural ingredients. These ingredients can speed up the healing process from burns, flaky skin caused by eczema, and abrasions.

For those that suffer from severely chapped and bleeding lips, Catrix has developed a lip care solution as well. Including natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and Aloe, when applied several times a day this Catrix product can help with dry and chapping lips. It has also been proven to remove blisters and cold sores.

These all-natural solutions have all been developed to treat wounds and help speed up the healing process. Their products are easy to apply and will not leave your skin greasy or dried out. All products have been developed to prevent against UVA/UVB rays as well. They do not include any ingredients that will cause irritation to the skin. They also are steroid free.