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After ten years of working in the fashion and beauty industry, Caitlyn Chase, the founder of Caviar & Cashmere, had an “ah ha” moment on the night of her 30th birthday.

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Celebrating this milestone on a summer evening in Los Angeles with 30 of her friends and colleagues, Caitlyn began a candid conversation about beauty, which ultimately led to a lightbulb going off, inspiring her to conceptualize her inaugural luxury skincare line.

Caitlyn is a veteran in the beauty industry, and always dreamed of having her own line of non-toxic skincare products. She has always believed that women should not have to sacrifice their health for their beauty.

After trying countless skincare products that were sent for her to review over the years, Caitlyn still had not found “the one” clean skincare brand that she truly loved and found effective, and she found that many other women felt the same way. She decided to start an open dialogue with her friends, family, and followers about what was lacking in their current skincare routines, and what kind of results they desired.

The overall feeling was that women were overwhelmed and seeking more simplicity in skincare, all while valuing clean, multi-tasking, and multi-correctional products that saved them time in their busy days. Caitlyn identified the problem and immediately wanted to solve it. She teamed up with a celebrity dermatologist in Beverly Hills and a team of world-class chemists to begin developing a line of  simple yet clinically effective clean products that solved the skincare problems that she and women all over the world all faced.

Caviar & Cashmere |