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 Chaleur, heat inspired skincare was developed specifically to work with heat and includes some of the finest ingredients available today, including ThermalZyme™ for skin resilience, LumiFirm™ Apple Stem Cell Complex for skin longevity, micronized algae for radiance, and Matrixyl3000™ peptides for firming and surface wrinkle reduction.

By applying heat to your anti-aging routine, you are helping deliver key ingredients deep into the skin to improve tone, texture, and luminosity.

Heated Chaleur Skincare

  • Heat opens permeation pathways in epidermis
  • Transdermal delivery of product is enhanced, absorption increased
  • Heat increases kinetic energy of active molecules

Chaleur is a Nevada-based company invested in both superior technology and unparalleled luxury. The result of years of innovation and thoughtful design, Chaleur's patented self-heating technology provides a relaxing spa experience while helping deliver and optimize action ingredients deep into the skin. In short, Chaleur was developed to help you heat, hydrate, and restore. It is luxury at its finest.

Self-Heating Facial Treatment Mask

Each Chaleur facial mask is lined with natural minerals, marine algae, and sea salts. When water is introduced, a natural heat reaction occurs, gradually heating the mask to a temperature that is both comfortable and effective in driving key skincare ingredients deep into the skin for better, longer-lasting results.

ThermalZyme Technology

Thermalzyme is a powerful fusion of super-antioxidants and adaptive extremophiles used to help neutralize the effects of free radicals and prolong skin quality and overall skin health, revealing brighter, more luminous skin. One of the key components of ThermalZyme is Thermus thermophilus, a thermophillic gram negative eubacterium that thrives in deep sea vents, and when above ground, thrives in any heat it can get its hands on.

Chaleur skincare products were designed for daily use. The heated mask can be used up to twice a week for best results. As part of your daily skincare regimen, we recommend that you thoroughly cleanse and tone the skin with desired products, then apply the ThermalZyme Heat-Powered Serum Concentrate, followed by the Oil-Free Moisture Lotion. The ThermalZyme Heat-Powered Renewal Mask was designed to be used underneath the heated mask up to twice a week.