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Cimeosil products are designed to improve the appearance of scars, in particular keloids and hypertrophic.

Cimeosil gel and gel sheetings are silicone-based, designed to reduce scar thickness and redness. Scars occurring from accidents, heart surgery, cesarean sections, abdominoplasty and breast reconstruction benefit greatly from Cimeosil.

Silicone Gel Technology is used in hospitals, plastic surgeons offices, and burn centers. Cimeosil works on scars both old and new.

Cimeosil Gel Sheets offer: 

  • Breathability 
  • Flexibility 
  • Adhesiveness

Can be worn under makeup and sunscreen.

Interesting Scar Facts

-Scars take about one full calendar year to fully soften and flatten
-Scars that occur in younger and tighter skin tend to heal less well than those that occur in skin that is older and has more wrinkles

Cimeosil Before and After Photos - askerm