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The CLEARISTA® Formula

How does the technology work?

Clearista targets surface keratin—a dead protein that sits atop the skin—delivering a patented combination of ingredients that rapidly hydrates, smooths, and softens skin. It improves the appearance of rough or pigmented blemishes on the skin’s surface, and users often notice a difference after one application.

If my skin feels smoother, does that mean Clearista is coating it with something?

The Clearista formula is water-based and oil-free, so is does not work by “coating” the skin. Rather, it targets the skin’s excess surface keratin, which is known to cause uneven texture and roughness as we age. Due to this targeted exfoliation and hydration, the smoothness you feel after using Clearista is actually the improved texture of your skin.

After using Clearista regularly, does my skin’s response to the formula diminish?

Excess keratin is known to cause uneven texture and roughness as we age, so regular use of Clearista is appropriate. The skin’s response to Clearista does not appear to diminish after multiple uses. In addition, multiple uses would not cause your skin to build up a tolerance to the patented formula.

Can I use Clearista with my other skincare products?

Yes. Clearista can be easily integrated into your normal skincare routine. It is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to simultaneously smooth and hydrate his or her skin.

Is Clearista safe?

The ingredients used in all our products are safe for use in cosmetic products. There have been no reported instances of allergic skin reactions. Clearista is also ideal for sensitive skin types since our products are hypoallergenic, free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, contain no parabens, and have been thoroughly tested on a variety of skin types.

Is Clearista tested on animals?

No. Clearista products are cruelty-free.

Why is water the main hydration component in your formula versus hyaluronic acid?

The patented formula helps to loosen keratin and related surface proteins while allowing water to move freely from the polymer in Clearista to immediately and persistently hydrate the keratin layer. While hyaluronic acid is naturally abundant and may be well suited for injections under the skin surfaces, it has no effect on skin’s surface proteins, including keratin. Many enzymes throughout the body rapidly degrade hyaluronic acid and it is unstable in the formula when compared with the other safe/gentle polymers that have been selected.

Clearista Retexturizing GelTM

What does the gel do?

With frequent use, the gel reduces the appearance of a wide range of raised and/or pigmented skin imperfections, including rough skin bumps, rough or dry patches, fine lines, sun-related skin lines/folding, and “chicken skin.” It also helps to hydrate and smooth the skin.

Is the gel safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. There have been no reported instances of allergic skin reactions with the Clearista Retexturizing Gel.  Clearista is considered a safe product for sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic, free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, contain no parabens, and have been thoroughly tested on a variety of skin types.

How do I use the gel?

Cleanse normally (optional) and apply to skin. Massage gently using a circular motion for 30-60s. Rinse with warm water or simply wipe off excess exfoliants. Follow with normal skincare routine. Use up to twice daily.

When will I notice a difference?

Everyone’s skin is different, and results will vary. However, many people have noted that their skin feels smoother after one application. For rougher dry patches like “chicken skin,” it may take 3+ weeks to start to feel a consistent difference.

Are the exfoliants in the gel biodegradable?

Yes. The jojoba esters are certified Ecobeads® which are a proven biodegradable exfoliant. They are suitable for daily use and guaranteed to be free from polyethylene and other microplastics.

How often do you recommend using the gel?

We recommend using the gel up to twice daily. We also recommend using the gel for a “Clearista Mask” at least once a week.

Clearista Mask: Generously apply gel to cover the face and neck, careful to avoid the eyes. Let gel sit for 8-10 minutes. Use enough gel to ensure skin stays moist. After letting the gel sit, gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Follow normal skincare routine.


Clearista Refining Pen for Consumer UseTM

What is the pen designed to do?
This consumer pen is designed to target fine lines, rough or dry patches, and skin bumps. 

How many applications should I expect from one pen?
The number of applications varies based on the size of the area you're addressing, but we've found 4-5 applications to be standard.
What are the instructions for the consumer pen? 
Cleanse skin. Twist the bottom of the pen clockwise until the pen tip is damp with the solution. Using the pen, apply solution to the problem area. Use the tip of the pen to rub area for up to 90 seconds. Continue to apply more solution from the pen to keep the area moist. When finished, let remaining solution absorb into skin. Reserve product for personal use. Discard pen 30 days after opening. For best results, use with Clearista Retexturizing Gel™.

Can I use the pen and gel together?
Yes. We’ve found that applying the gel first and letting it sit for 1-2 minutes helps to prime the skin. After using the gel, follow the instructions provided with the Consumer Clearista Refining Pen™.
How may I purchase the Consumer Clearista Refining Pen™?
The consumer pen is only available online. We ship Clearista products worldwide.

Is the Clearista Retexturizing Gel™ better than the Clearista Refining Pen™ ? 
The ingredients in both the pen and the gel are essentially the same, except for the jojoba exfoliants and thickeners that are found in the gel. The pen solution is a liquid, which allows it to effectively work in conjunction with its highlighter-like applicator. Thus, the pen and gel are quite similar. However, the use/angle of the applicator (and corresponding pressure) affect how the pen can specifically address certain rough patches and fine lines.

Is the professional pen different from the consumer pen? 
Yes. The ClearistaPRO is a controlled aesthetic tool that targets specific raised or pigmented areas of imperfections at the skin surface, The professional pen may be used to address brown spots, rough patches, fine lines, and due to excess keratin. The ClearistaPRO pen also provides a different solution than the consumer pen. 

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