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DS Laboratories

Hair Care and Hair Removers

DS Laboratories 16 years of experience in hair science and skin care product development is the backbone of DS Laboratories cutting-edge innovative products. Their product line addresses common hair care issues including hair loss, thinning of hair, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and thinning eyelashes.

Advanced technology is the key to DS Laboratories products and results. This technology allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin and release contents in a gradual manner. Each ingredient is put through rigorous testing to verify that all clinical studies are accurate and safe.

Through the use of nanosomes, which deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients, DS Laboratories produces more effective results than other skincare technologies. Their top priority is to create technology that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of their customers.

The DS Laboratories product development team creates new products with a specific hair care or skincare problem in mind. After a problem is identified, research is performed to provide extensive background to target the underlying causes as well as provide immediate gratification. Products are rigorously tested to ensure they do exactly what they say they do while being safe to use. 

With the DS Laboratories regimen of hair products, you can shop with confidence knowing that they will actually do as they claim.