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OUR HAIR is an important part of our identity.  It defines our self-esteem and confidence.  Like our skin and body, our hair starts to show signs of aging by the time we are 25.  So how can we stop or reverse hair aging, promote gorgeous hair, and prevent future hair challenges?  How do we take proper care of our hair to ensure we always have our BEST hair?

MARIA HALASZ, brilliant scientist and biotech CEO, like many other women, struggled with aging, thinning hair and was determined to find a solution.  Her search took her to Japan where she was introduced to brand-new technology that promised to solve her problem.  She discovered FGF5, a protein that regulates your hair growth cycle.

Impressed with the science and armed with the knowledge of natural extracts that can control the hairs growth cycle, Maria started developing a line of hair care solutions that reverse the effects of aging hair, promote growth of strong, healthy hair and prevents future hair aging.

Introducing évolis® Professional, the first scientifically validated, plant-based hair care collection that delivers your BEST hair for life. Collections include: 

REVERSE: Targets those suffering from hair thinning and aging.  Boosts your hair's health and assists regrowth.

PROMOTE: This breakthrough formula of active botanicals accelerates hair growth and brings volume to your hair and strengthens every strand.

PREVENT: Anticipates and prevents future thinning and contains active botanicals designed to protect and repair your scalp.  

TRANSFORM your hair in 90 days.  When you use évolis® Professional as directed, you can expect to see great results.  Their panel of 100+ testers agreed, the results were nothing short of amazing.

  • 100% of participants experienced new hair growth in the first 90 days of use.
  • 97% of participants witnessed less hair fall-out.
  • 96% of participants experienced an improvement in their hair's texture.
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