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Kelapa Organics

Kelapa Organics is a premium, Certified Organic range of skin care, hair care, and body care products based on the amazing natural benefits of virgin organic coconut oil.  Kelapa Organics goal is to bring you a gentle, premium range of organic skin care products that are as natural as possible while maintaining all the benefits of certified organic coconut oil.  Kelapa Organics skin care products are formulated to be gentle and nourishing for all skin types, including even the most sensitive skin.  Organic coconut oil gives these formulas exceptional moisturizing, soothing and protective qualities that are long lasting. 

Kelapa was created from a real-life passion for helping people combined with passion for nature and all things natural. Kelapa Organics seek to provide a healthy and natural alternative to mainstream products which are often predominately chemical and synthetic based.

Simplicity is the key to many aspects in life for overall health and wellbeing and it’s no different in skin care. Kelapa Organics believe using minimal organic ingredients with maximum effectiveness is far better than having complex formulas with a long list of ingredients derived from questionable sources.

Kelapa Organics products are 100% natural (plant based) and are made with organic ingredients that are ‘Australian Certified Organic’. Nature has provided us with a wealth of beautifully gentle and nourishing oils and it’s these that the Kelapa Organic products are based on. 

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