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La Bella Donna

La Bella Donna offers innovative mineral cosmetics for all skin types. Through the use of only pure minerals from rocks that benefit the skin, La Bella Donna cosmetics stand out from other mineral makeup lines. These precious minerals within La Bella Donna’s products cannot be absorbed through the skin, therefore it does not clog pores.

The La Bella Donna’s CC Cream is a:

  • Sun protectant
  • Skin brightener and whitener
  • Moisturizer

La Bella Donna cosmetics provides treatment for all skin challenges such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. By providing a natural alternative to chemical makeup, your skin and body will look healthier than ever. Every product maintains your beautiful look all day long without the need for reapplication.

Whether you are looking for lip colour, eye shadow, sun protection, or foundation, La Bella Donna can help with all of your cosmetic needs.