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Lipstains Gold

A little history.....During the Second World War, with a backdrop of scarce resources, and no drop in demand for lip color from ladies of the day, a chemist developed an innovative solution that would stand the test of time. This young chemist managed to solve the problem of constantly reapplying lipstick by creating a new alternative to lipstick pigment. Loved by the gentry and celebrities of the time, this formula was re-launched in the early 90’s to widespread acclaim.

Lipstains Gold is the original favorite with super rich conditioning ingredients, amazing staying power and a diverse color range to choose from. This lipstick is a fantastic formulation with its own distinctive look that has been popular for decades throughout the UK and worldwide.

Lipstains Gold is the solution for anyone who needs a reliably long-lasting yet moisturizing lip color - the ultimate all-in-one all day lipstick!

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