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NION Beauty

Nion Beauty is revolutionizing skincare, combining cutting-edge advances in materials science with leading dermatological research to produce a range of beauty tools that are years ahead of the competition.

Negative ions are super charged oxygen atoms with an extra electron. They have known mood enhancing properties, have been used to treat depression, and can reduce inflammation and irritation caused by pollutants in the air.

By combining the naturally occurring negative ions in Tourmaline with food grade silicone, Nion has created a product that generates these valuable little particles in high quantities. This new line of skin cleansing products uses the natural power of negative ions to neutralize environmental toxins on the skin, increasing blood circulation as it does to give you a radiant, glowing complexion.

World-leading S-ion Technology®

With the power to boost blood circulation, counteract environmental toxins, and increase your sense of well being, negative ions are one of Nature's marvels. Nion Beauty's patented S-ion Technology® Cleaning System harnesses the power of radiance boosting negative ions to cleanse your skin, removing harmful pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria to give you clear, beautiful skin day after day.

Kinetic Skin Cleansing®

Kinetic Skin Cleansing® System uses gentle vibrations to remove dirt and break up impurities. Gliding effortlessly across your skin, Nion skin care products purify without stripping your skin of the essential oils that protect against aging, dryness, and infection.

Kinetic Cleansing vs. Friction Cleansing

Those of you who are familiar with cleansing brushes will know they rely on a side-to-side motion to remove dirt and impurities from your skin. However soft the bristles, the friction generated by these devices can easily damage your skin, robbing it of the essential oils that protect against pollutants, dryness, and infection.

Nion Beauty Silicone

With no phthalates and a low extractable content, it is safer than plastics, doesn’t react with other materials, and is both incredibly durable and soft. Best of all, the silicones you’ll find in Nion skin care devices have antibacterial properties that make maintaining your products a breeze. More durable than natural rubber, resistant to fungus and chemicals, and impervious to UV rays and heat, silicone is a stable material with exceptional durability.

Their pioneering skin care products combine cutting-edge technology from Japan with industry-leading research from South Korea to deliver gorgeous, radiant skin that’s the picture of health.

Nion Beauty has a full range of devices, designs to suit every budget, Nion is on a mission to give people worldwide the confidence to glow.

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