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How often do we hear beauty claims that fill our hearts with a hope?  We all have dreamed of hair products that meet our expectations!  Time has come to understand that beautiful hair cannot be achieved without experience and openness to modern uses of science. Ease, health, and hair longevity has been the defining inspiration for Research In Beauty since its foundation in the United States; where healthy ingredients is a distinctive hallmark of their products. Research In Beauty has been producing beauty products that combine over 40 years of hair styling knowledge with the latest scientific research; but have you ever wondered how these innovative new products are developed?

All of Research In Beauty's hair products are the result of extensive scientific development and testing to make sure they live up to the high performance formulations that their customers love.  Each product is created by a specialized team of dedicated researchers based in Florida. It is here where they are constantly developing and researching unique technologies primarily for healthy hair care.

Nano DryFix by Research in Beauty

Research In Beauty's Groundbreaking Patented Nano DryFix Keratin Microcapsule Technology System!

This new line of products contains ingredients scientifically proven to restore hair surface and repair existing damage. Salon-worthy style for all hair types!  When it comes to your hair, you want healthy, beautiful, luxurious hair. This complete kit merges beauty and science specifically designed to repair and rejuvenate your hair.

The Science

Whats so special about microcapsules?

Within the design of the Nano DryFix system, active microcapsules of keratin attach to the negatively charged surface of the damaged hair. A single pump of Nano DryFix contains over 100 million positively charged biocompatible microcapsules. As the Product dries on the hair the microbeads biochemically bond to each other forming a matrix within the damaged area. The Keratin closes structural gaps and releases a protective layer that restores the natural surface of the hair shaft.

The newly formed protective layer on the hair shaft improves overall hair appearance by adding shine, strength, moisture and most importantly a barrier to prevent future damage.

The Nano DryFix system will restore, replenish, and moisture your dry and damaged hair.

  • Fixes damage on contract and prevents future damage
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaway with tangle free protection
  • Continued use stops microdamage
  • Microencapsulated keratin provides instant hydration to dry and damaged hair
  • Microscopically bonds damaged hair fibers and split ends leaving the hair soft and beautiful
  • Cruelty free, not tested on animals, and made in the USA
Research in Beauty Nano DryFix