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ScarAway’s latex-free material provides optimal comfort and protection for old and new scars. ScarAway uses Advanced Silicone Technology which stimulates the natural barrier function of healthy skin, hydrating the scar tissue to soften the scar. ScarAway also offers a Scar Diminishing Serum for hard to reach, visible areas such as the face, scalp and hands. ScarAway offers: - Breathability - Flexibility - Washability Adhesiveness

What types of Scars does ScarAway work best on:

  • Old and New Hypertrophic Scars

What to expect from Scaraway Silicone Sheets and Serum:

  • Reduces the size and color of an existing hypertrophic scar
  • Flattens and softens the scar to give it a better appearance
  • Lessens the itch and pain associated with a scar.
  • Minimizes the formation of new scars when applied to a recently healed scar
  • Deceases collagen production and inflammatory cell production that contributes to the formation your scar.
  • Increases and maintains hydration of your skinscaraway scar products