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Developed and made in Italy, the SKIN UP Ultrasonic Hydration System is the first ever to use ultrasound technology and proprietary lotion formulations to deliver fine mist skincare to your skin. This proprietary portable misting device is designed to provide all day hydration for women & men in less than 1 minute a day.

Ultrasonic technology splits the SKIN UP lotions into tiny particles providing deep hydration to the skin without ruining makeup. The SKIN UP device works synergistically with the patented formulations for all day luxurious and purposeful hydration.

SKIN UP Lotions are specially infused with HYALURONIC ACID, COENZYME Q10, ALOE VERA, and LIPOIC ACID. The devices super-fine mist absorbs instantly, setting and refreshing makeup while releasing powerful anti-aging benefits that increase firmness, brightness, leaving your skin feeling youthful and rejuvenated. And because the SKIN UP mister is sleek and portable, it is the perfect travel companion—fitting seamlessly into a purse, gym bag, briefcase, or suitcase.  

Also available is the SKIN UP Ultrasonic Bronzer System which contains both Light + Dark bronzing solutions. Achieve a natural looking tan with a simple 10-second application just 2-4 times per week. Unlike other self-tanners, the SKIN UP formulations are non-sticky, non-orange, and have a pleasant and light scent.


  • You will immediately see a subtle luminosity to your skin, and reach a hydration of 191% of the base level in 5 minutes (clinical testing results), without feeling wet, instead of feeling airbrushed and refreshed.
  • Results with makeup: achieve a beautiful base layer and primer for your makeup and then set to your makeup with a layer that not only protects your skin from free radicals, but it also draws and holds the moisture for all day purposeful hydration. 

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  • Both SKIN UP Devices come with a 1-year Manufacturers Warranty

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