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A mother of two young boys, weekend warrior, adrenaline junkie, and executive at a successful Los Angeles based accounting firm, founder Rebecca So was always self-conscious about being her best at the end of a long day and the last thing she needed was a deodorant that couldn’t compete with her active lifestyle. After spending hundreds of dollars on all kinds of deodorant – drug store brands, clinical strength and natural – Rebecca discovered that nothing on the market could hold up to the challenge. They either didn’t last or only worked for a few months. Risking the effects of chemicals, she even tested out clinical strength deodorants, which ended up leaving her underarms dry and raw. With endless, embarrassing white “skid marks” on her clothing, Rebecca truly understood that the struggle was real.

Frustrated with compromise and constantly trying new brands that didn’t work, she finally decided to create her own solution to these annoying issues plaguing most deodorant users. Through testing of countless brands and experimenting with natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, Rebecca created an all-natural, detoxifying formula that left no underarm odor or residue. Fine-tuning the formula over the years, SWAY was born. With no odor or residue, SWAY users have even found themselves less dependent on it over time. SWAY has been tested on men and women alike, from office pros to athletic pros and everyone in between. No matter the climate or setting, the results are remarkable and freeing. One of the proudest moments for Rebecca is the overwhelming support and positive feedback she gets from people who’ve tried SWAY. We hope you’ll enjoy SWAY just as much.