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The Kami Pad

The Kami Pad


The Kami Pads are 100% Pure Medical Grade Silicone Gel, proven to combat anti-aging - The largest, thickest, plushest and longest-lasting anti-aging pads available today (and might we say, price friendly too!). 

Just stick on a Kami Pad, go to sleep, and wake-up to smooth, gorgeous skin!

The Kami Pad

The story behind The Kami Pad Brand: 

Kamryn Gerrior, CEO and Founder of The Kami Pad, started her career in Business when she worked as a top-level sales and marketing manager.  She left the corporate world to run her own business in the eyelash, skincare, and anti-aging industry. This is where she found her true calling to help other women look and feel their best.

"I’ve always taken diligent care of my own skin through the products I’ve developed and love nothing more than sharing these products with other women."

Kamryn Gerrior, CEO and Founder of The Kami Pad
Kamryn Gerrior 
CEO and Founder
"In all the time I’ve spent in the world of anti-aging products, the most amazing thing I have discovered is the healing power of silicone gel. I’ve witnessed over and over again the astonishing transformation of my client’s skin after applying silicone gel." 

That’s when she started exhaustively researching and testing out all the silicone pads available. Each pad she tried fell short of her expectations. They were either too small, too thin, not sticky enough, or uncomfortable. So she decided to set-out to formulate the highest quality pad on the market today with the help of a hand-selected team of researchers, scientists, suppliers and lawyers to guarantee her products would outshine all the other pads. She wanted to create a pad that would feel good, look good, and provide the best possible results.

And so The Kami Pad was born.