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Vaginal Irritations | Yeast Infections

Bacterial Vaginosis | Vaginal Dryness

Odor | Itchiness & Discharge

V-Blissful has the homeopathic solution!

V-Blissful is an all natural vaginal solution and yeast infection symptom reliever.  It helps ease discomfort from bacterial vaginosis, vaginal irritation, or any other infections you may have!  Some users have also experienced tremendous help with vaginal dryness.

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I am the owner/founder of V-Blissful. In my mid 40's, I began to experience some vaginal issues, as in yeast infections, which was very unusual for me because I had never had these issues before. It was very uncomfortable and annoying to boot! All I could think of is "my word, this is what women go through?!?!" The doctors kept telling me it was just my hormones that are changing due to peri-menopause. I had blood work done over and over, so hormones were the consensus. Okay, that’s fine, it’s my hormones.

The yeast infections were unbearable and continuous. I started off by using the over the counter creams, those just weren't getting the job done and to top it off, I became allergic to them! I started taking the oral medication for a few years but eventually, that didn’t work either. I would take 8-10 pills every other day and still had little or no relief! It seemed as if nothing was helping and believe me I have tried everything...out of an agonizing need, I just started mixing essential oils and natural ingredients to see if I couldn't find something to give me some relief. After a few years of searching for a solution, I finally created and mixed something that worked...and I call it V-Blissful...this has been a life changer for me, and I hope it does the same for you.

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