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VB Beauty’s innovative Pulsaderm device takes skin care to a whole new level.  Pulsating at 10,000 RPMs, the Pulsaderm sonic movement brush cleanses your skin by moving in an oblong circular motion.

The VB Beauty Pulsaderm Devices:

  • Gently breaks away make-up, dirt, and oil
  • Gives your skin a smoother, healthier look
  • Reduces blackheads and blemishes
  • Removes dead skin cells by exfoliating skin
  • Does not pinch or pull skin

This system includes a 3-speed pulsating brush that has a normal, high, or jitter setting. The normal speed is to be used for regular or sensitive skin. If you have tougher skin, the high-speed pulsating brush will work hard to cleanse even the roughest parts.  The jitter setting breaks away any dirt or oil in the skin by incorporating the normal speed with a slight pulsation.

No matter what type of skin you have, the Pulsaderm device and the Pulsaderm Buddy will thoroughly cleanse your skin while gives you a clean, healthy look.