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Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Pro Pack

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Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencil Pro Pack is a unique eyeliner application tool that creates symmetry and enhances your liner looks. This eyeliner tool will stay in place when gently pressed against the skin, perfect for achieving precise definition. Create classic and on-trend makeup looks with Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils Pro Pack. Achieve beautifully accurate professional looks every time. Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils are made from a gentle, adhesive, hypoallergenic material and fits any eye shape or size. Effortlessly make your eyes stand-out. Flawless. Precise. Defining.
All Beth Bender Beauty Eyeliner Stencils are made in the U.S.A.


  • - 30 Sheets (60 Individual Eyeliner Stencils) 

  • - One Step by Step Instruction Card

- One Pro Tip Card 
  • Benefits:

- Achieve flawless eyeliner and eye makeup styles in minutes.
  • - Create innovative gradient, rainbow, and artistic eye makeup looks with ease.

  • - Effortlessly create dynamic cat eyeliner and winged eyeliner looks with professional results.

- Design on-trend eye makeup looks anywhere, anytime.

Pro Tip: to reduce the adhesiveness of your Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils before applying to your eyelids, peel and place your Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencil to your forearm first and then apply to your eye.


  • Easy to use
  • Makes makeup application simple
  • Comfortable to hold

Perfect for: All skin types

Usage Instructions 

See description or step by step instruction card included with pack.

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