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EverSmile FreshDent

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EverSmile® FreshDent™ is a patented, deep cleaning, on-the-go denture and partial cleaner that kills bacteria and freshens dentures and partials. Now you can kill bacteria, freshen your breath, and clean your dentures and partials anywhere. 


  • The only wearable denture cleaner - Safe & effective hydrogen peroxide cleaning agents. Use after coffee, tea, or meals for cleaner dentures & partials and whiter, fresher breath.
  • On the go teeth whitener - Simply spray in mouth, spread with tongue, swish for 5-20 seconds & that's it. No rinsing or case soaking required. Or rinse with water if preferred.
  • Lasts 30 days - Each 50ml &10ml bottle lasts 1 month if used twice daily, but can be used safely up to 6 times per day for extra freshness.
  • Sensitive teeth friendly - Tooth sensitivity has never been reported with the proper use of EverSmile FreshDent when used as directed. If sensitivity does occur reduce usage to once per day and consult your orthodontist.


Water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, PVP, PEG, sucralose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, etidronic acid, mentha arvensis (mint) oil.

Usage Instructions

With dentures or partials in mouth, spray 1 pump & swish for up to 20 seconds. Use up to 6 times per day.  Remove dentures or partials & spray solution on all surfaces & brush for 60 seconds. Rinse with water.

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