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Nano DryFix Micro Leave-In Treatment

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Nano DryFix Micro Therapy Leave-In Treatment is an advanced micro therapy emulsion formulated to help restore the original moisture of your hair and repair damaged hair. The emulsion is comprised with Keratin Microcapsules, natural oils and essential fatty acids. Those micro beads surround the hair and attach within the damaged area helping to seal structural gaps and release a natural moisturizing protective layer on the hair shaft. The product then forms a thin reparative keratin protein patch which helps to restore the cuticle to its flexible integrity. It helps to weld spilt ends leaving the hair repaired and feeling brand new. It will make your hair beautiful, shiny and help make it grow longer without spilt ends.


  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Works with Your Natural Oils
  • Helps Protect and Renew Hair

Perfect for: All Hair Types, Especially Colored Hair

Usage Instructions 

After Shampooing with the Nano DryFix Shampoo, towel dry hair and apply 1-2 pumps of the Nano DryFix Micro Therapy Treatment.  Depending on the length of hair, you may need to apply more.  Comb through and style. Do not rinse. 

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