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Nano DryFix Thermal Repairing Leave-In Spray

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Nano DryFix Thermal Repairing Leave-in Spray fights the damaging hair degradation and dryness caused by repeated chemical treatments and sun exposure. Thermal Repairing Leave-in spray features a patented keratin microcapsule technology that helps nourish and repair the hair cortex and rejoin split ends. These capsules surround the hair and attach within the damaged areas helping to seal structural gaps and release a natural moisturizing protective layer on the hair shaft. The spray simultaneously acts as a thermal heat protectant. The result is soft, flowing, beautiful hair. Regular use can help prevent further breakage, enhancing growth of longer smoother and shinier hair. Formulated for finer and limp hair.


  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Works with Your Natural Oils
  • Helps Protect and Renew Hair

Perfect for: All Hair Types, Especially Colored and Dry Hair

Usage Instructions 

After Shampooing with the Nano DryFix Shampoo, towel dry hair and apply 1-2 pumps of the Nano DryFix Micro Therapy Treatment.  Depending on the length of hair, you may need to apply more.  Comb through and style.  Do not rinse.  

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