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No Shine Serum

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Our mattifying moisturizers provides an effective solution for oily and problem skin. Packed with active ingredients including precious stone Tourmalia to take the shine off oily or problematic skin. This mattifying moisturizer is the perfect daytime moisturizer for oily, problematic skin, offering potent triple action relief. Firstly, the unique formula cleanses and purifies to combat surface sebum. Next, it lightly quenches the skin to restore the natural balance. Finally, it tightens dilated pores, reducing further oily excretions. The active ingredients such as Ordihydroguaiaretic Acid (and) Oleanolic Acid fight break-outs by reducing inflammation and bacterial proliferation. It reduces oil production to cut down on blemishes and inhibits the build up of skin cells that leave the skin looking dull and rough. While a high percentage of Peptides and Biopeptides 7% trigger a heal/repair response in the skin. Oxygen Complex from marine origin and a vitamin c derivative help replace lost energy in the skin cells, regenerating and revitalizing the skin. Purasal derived from AHA, this complex helps provide clearer, brighter and fresher looking skin while stimulating cell renewal. Salicylic Acid provides anti-bacterial protection and reviving skin radiance for a healthy glow. Take the shine off your problem skin and let your natural beauty shine through. You can be sure that it will live up to its promise.

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