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Puristics Super Tampons - Non-Applicator - 100% Organic Cotton

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100% certified organic cotton absorbent core expands evenly to fit your natural shape and provide maximum protection. Soft-rounded tip provides easy insertion and fiber locking security veil maximizes absorption without losing fiber integrity. Withdrawal cord provides easy removal.

The organic cotton in our tampons is certified organic by IMO, the Institute for Marketecology. This is the purest form of cotton, grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, sewage sludge, irradiation, or genetic engineering. Organic farmers use natural alternative methods and tools to enhance soil quality and biodiversity and protect the air and water.

Absorbency Range: 9-12 grams. Always use lowest absorbency to meet your needs.


• 100% certified organic cotton absorbent core
• chemical, synthetic and rayon free
• hypoallergenic and perfume free
• chlorine and dioxin free to reduce the risk of irritation
• certified 100% organic cotton by IMO

Perfect for: All Women

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