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Skinuva Brite

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Advanced Skin Brightening Serum

Skinuva Brite is one of the few safe and effective hyperpigmentation products on the market that does not contain hydroquinone. Skinuva’s team of doctors and scientists were able to integrate selective ingredients to create what is now regarded as one of the most advanced topical creams for hyperpigmentation. In clinical studies, Skinuva Brite was nearly 30% more effective in improving hyperpigmentation than HQ4%.

Advanced Formulation

Skinuva Brite dark spot skin treatment is formulated with highly selective ingredients that have been shown to reduce pigmentation through reputable medical literature, including:

  • Selective Growth Factors: Shown to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Tranexamic Acid: Helps minimize the appearance and recurrence of discoloration and stubborn brown patches with continued use
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): a water-soluble vitamin that has been shown to help reduce the appearance of skin discoloration
  • Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant; helps prevent melanin production
  • Arbutin: found in bearberry plants; helps reduce hyperpigmentation


Gentle for All Skin Types

This skin brightening serum for dark spots does not contain retinol, silicone or hydroquinone so it is safe and effective for long term use. In clinical trials, it was shown to cause minimal redness and irritation, and can be worn under sunscreen.

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