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Skinuva Bruise

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Physician Developed Homeopathic Supplement

Skinuva Bruise is a physician developed homeopathic supplement for pre and post procedure optimal recovery, expediting the body's natural healing process from surgeries, cosmetic procedures, and injuries. The capsules are formulated with a blend of all-natural and effective ingredients including arnica montana, bromelain, zinc, ascorbic acid, and grape seed extract to help enhance the body's natural ability to heal. Skinuva Bruise uses clinically supported ingredients tot help reduce bruising, swelling, and pain from surgical and/or non-surgical treatments It is vegetarian, vegan friendly, non-GMO, and gluten free.

Advanced Formulation

Skinuva Bruise is formulated with highly selective ingredients that have been shown to reduce bruising, swelling, and pain from surgical and /or non-surgical treatments through reputable medical literature, including:

  • Homeopathic Arnica Montana: An anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing herbal remedy for bruises, swelling, and wound repair.
  • Bromelain: A protein-digesting aid enzyme derived from the stem, fruit, and juice of the pineapple plant; anti-inflammatory properties used to reduce bruising, pain, and soreness.
  • Vitamin C: Required for the synthesis of collagen, which is used in the building and repair of your skin; a power antioxidant protecting cells and helps speed the healing process.
  • Grape Seed Extract: Has special affinity for skin tissue and promotes healing; helps shorten the recovery period by reducing inflammation and accelerating the rate of repair to the skin; boosts Vitamin C levels, helping boos the immune system and speed the recovery process.
  • Rutin: Nutrient derived from plant pigment that is found in certain fruits and vegetables that protects blood vessels and prevents bruising; an antioxidant that enhances the action of Vitamin C, supports blood circulation, and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Zinc: A mineral and antioxidant that plays a major role in regulating every phase of the wound healing process, ranging from membrane repair, oxidative stress, coagulation, inflammation and immune defense, tissue re-epitheliazation, angiogenesis, to fibrosis/scar formation.

Perfect for: Most Adults; consult physician before using any dietary supplement. If pregnant of breast-feeding, consult you physician before use.


Homeopathic Arnica Montana, Ascorbic Acid, Bromelain, Vitamin C, Cellulose (capsule shell), Grape Seed Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Rutin, Sucrose, Zinc Oxide

Usage Instructions

Can be taken either 1-2 days prior to procedure or beginning the day of the procedure. 1 capsule twice a day for 7 days unless prescribed differently by your doctor.

*This product was specifically formulated for a 7-day (short-Course) treatment. Discuss with your doctor if you wish to extend treatment beyond a 7-day period.


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