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SWAY Matte-je-stick Oil Blotting Paper

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If you hate that 5 o’clock shine or are tired of fishing for your pack of oil blotting paper only to find it crumbled, SWAY's Matte-je-stick is perfect for you. It comes in a continuous scroll within a lipstick-size compact case that lets you choose your perfect-size blotting sheet every time. It is small enough to fit in your pocket while protecting the paper inside. SWAY's sustainable packaging also lets you refill your Matte-je-stick with your favorite blotting paper (choose from Charcoal, Matcha or Rose). So press these naturally-derived blotting papers gently over face to mattify on the fly. Use it after applying creamy makeup foundation, cream blush, etc. to absorb excess oil from the product and help it stay put. Make that lipstick last by applying one layer, blot, and then applying another layer.


  • Keeps face matte on the go!
  • Its nifty packaging stops paper getting crumpled in your bag.
  • Lets you customize the size of every mattifying sheet.
  • Fresh out? No worries: It's refillable. Just slip a new scroll in and get to dabbing at midday shine.

Perfect for: Oily and Combination Skin


Paper infused with the following:

CHARCOAL: charcoal

MATCHA: green tea extract

ROSE: rose essential oil

Usage Instructions 

The setup's a little like a roll of aluminum foil, with plastic teeth that cut just-right strips from a scroll inside. One equals roughly 100 sheets.

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