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Z. Bigatti Rescue - Intensive Facial Serum

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This state-of-the-art serum helps you give wrinkles the boot, give your skin a boost and minimize the visible signs of aging. Rescue is a sophisticated youth-renewal serum with incredibly impressive results. Rescue dramatically minimizes the appearance of deep expression wrinkles and firms, tightens and lifts slacken and lined skin. The result? Unmistakable radiance and an even, revitalized complexion.

This triple-peptide packed serum is scientifically formulated to reduce repetitive facial movement. A potent cocktail of natural ingredients, including arginine, yeast extract, black tea ferment, wheat proteins, fruit extracts and essential oils work to tighten and lift the skin, while improving production of elastin and collagen.

Brimming with a generous dose of botanicals, essential fatty acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and other natural ingredients, Rescue is the ultimate age-defying treatment. The results are so dramatic, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t surgery!

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