Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is one of the most joyful times of year for a lot of us, but figuring out which gifts to give each one of the special people in our lives can add a lot of pressure this time of year. Whether you’re looking to spoil someone special, stuff your stockings with flair or to pamper yourself, these are my most recent obsessions that will make the gift giving season stress free and totally beautiful from head to toe.

Spa Queens

NuFace Gold Trinity Collection: A good trip to the spa never hurt anyone and NuFace Gold Trinity Collection brings all the spa results and glamor right into your home! This kit includes the NuFace Trinity Device with Facial Trainer Attachment which uses microcurrent technology to improve and sculpt the contours of the whole face without the downtime and cost of a facelift. The kit also includes a complete skincare regimen that uses hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized all day to prolong the results.

The Fashionista

SmoothSkin Bare: There is no better fashion accessory than smooth and hairless skin. This mini laser hair removal device is totally safe for any area of the body (yes including the face!) and will give you the lasting results that shaving doesn’t deliver. This device scans your skin tone and will only activate if its safe and has both glide and stamp treatment modes to make hair removal a total breeze. Its time to leave razor bumps and ingrown hairs behind us and give the gift of confidence to someone you love!

The World Traveler

Foreo Luna Mini 2: This multi-tasking silicone cleansing brush uses sonic pulsing to gently wisp away rough dead skin cells. It is totally travel friendly, easy to clean and leaves your skin feeling dewy cleansed and totally invigorated. Healthy cleansing and exfoliation is encouraged no matter the skin type or age and it comes in a variety of colors which makes it a great gift choice that your friend or loved one can take anywhere they go!

Busy Bees

Skin Up Misting System- Fico & Rosa + Fragrance Free Facial Moisturizers with Ultra Sonic Device: Whether you’re a busy mom or building your empire you can have all beauty results of a 2 hour beauty routine just in the push of a button! The Skin Up Misting System is an easy to use misting device that can be used any time and anywhere as a moisturizing base after washing your face or to refresh your makeup. It even comes with a convenient carrying case and USB cord to make throwing it in your bag and taking it with you completely care free!



Beautility BeautiScoop: We all have our favorite products that we swear by. Why not give your coworkers up to 25% more of their favorite beauty products? Beautility Beauty Scoop is a dual sided and flexible scoop that will help you get those last uses out of all of your favorite products that end up getting lost to the bottle. Everyone loves to save money and the BeautiScoop helps save up to $250 a year in beauty products. This essential beauty tool makes the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for any coworker or loved one.

FaceOff Original Cloth: Sometimes after a long day all we want to do is put on pajamas and hop into bed but taking off your makeup can take just as long as putting it on! The FaceOff cloth makes your nighttime routine even easier and is suitable for any skin type. Its even reusable which makes it eco-friendly as well. At $10.00 this super cloth is great for stuffing stockings or bringing cheer to coworkers this holiday season.

CapriClear Spray: I am a huge natural beauty advocate and we all know how magical coconut oil can be on the hair and skin. CapriClear Spray is 100% fractionated coconut oil that you can take anywhere you go. It absorbs quickly and the spray will promise even coverage so your coworkers will never have to worry if they forget to moisturize at home before coming into work.


Beautiful You

Fillerina Dermo Replenishing Treatment: Don’t forget to give yourself a gift this holiday season! This Beauty Choice Award winner will inject the bounce and moisture back into your skin without the needles. This treatment kit uses a combination of 6 types of hyaluronic acids to plump up parched winter skin and fills in wrinkles and depressions. It also comes with a nourishing film that uses skin loving ingredients such as Vitamin E, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Shea Butter to leave your skin velvety soft. These treatments come in 3 different options depending on your skin type and wrinkle severity so you know you are getting the best results possible.

Clearista Retexturizing Gel: With winter weather comes dry rough skin, pigmentation and bumps. Don’t let your skin keep you from going out to celebrate the holidays because this “O” Magazine featured gel will keep you party ready no matter what. Clearista aids your skin’s natural exfoliation process and can be used all over the face and body to give you your glow back and fits into any skincare routine so you don’t have to retire any of your favorite products.


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