ClearTouch Nail Fungus Review: Does it Really Work?

ClearTouch Nail Fungus treatment device by Radiancy is an FDA-Cleared device that utilizes LHE Phototherapy in an at-home treatment device. Radiancy is the only professional company providing products to the "at home" market using their professional proprietary technologies miniaturized for consumers. The above information sounds great, but does the ClearTouch device actually work? The ClearTouch device is a battery-powered device with Phototherapy Technology that uses light by balancing wavelengths, intensity, and exposure to treat nail fungus. LHE Phototherapy Technology LHE (light, heat, energy) Phototherapy technology is used by dermatologists and skincare professionals around the world. Phototherapy is being used to professionally treat nail fungus in medical practices. The LHE Phototherapy technology removes fungal spore from the toenail in a non-invasive way WITHOUT the need to remove the toenail. T. Rebrum Nail Fungus The majority of nail fungus is caused by a fungus callled T. Rebrum. The LHE technology kills T. Rebrum in just a few treatments. In-office laser treatments are a common treatment to get rid of nail fungus - the downside of these laser treatments is that they are VERY costly. Most insurance companies consider laser nail fungus treatments to be a cosmetic procedure, therefore not providing coverage. ClearTouch Reviews from Verified Buyers Does exactly what it says it does: My wife suggested that I purchase this device after she heard about it from her physician (explaining to them my demise because she was afraid she may get it as well). This device has done exactly what we had hoped, I saw almost immediate results after the first treatment and after a few treatments my nail fungus is almost completely gone. I have literally tried everything (sprays, gels, ointments) and nothing even came close to doing what this device did in just a short period of time. Well worth the money invested. - Robert Feeling positive: So far, so good. - William P. Why choose ClearTouch?

  • Save money vs. expensive professional treatments
  • No refills or monthly purchases.
  • No medication or lotions needed.
  • No painful surgeries or medication needed.
  • Completly non-invasive (do not need to remove toenail).
  • No side effects.
  • No downtime.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Can be used on nails and toenails.
Shop ClearTouch by Radiancy here.

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