Adult acne is more common than you may think, affecting millions of individuals per year. Although a hormonal imbalance may be to blame, habits in your everyday routine may be making it worse! Keep reading for these need to know tips that may help significantly in reducing the amount of blemishes you're experiencing. If you are unable to clear your skin up yourself, talk to a dermatologist who can provide you with professional recommendations and products. Use the "Chat with Us" feature on the bottom of your screen to get started!


     As we age, most of us deal with an increase in responsibility and busy lifestyles which can often lead to an unhealthy amount of stress. It's important to manage it, as stress can affect many aspects of your body - not just your skin! Luckily, our skin can act as a "first responder" by warning us of issues on the inside. If you're feeling the pressure and noticing an increase in blemishes, it's important to reduce and manage it in a healthy way. Exercise releases endorphins, a hormone that emits a positive feeling in the body and even aids in sleep regularity. 


     The foods you put into your body can show on the outside by weight gain/loss or skin clarity. Dairy is one of the most common food groups to cause acne. Milk, cheese, and even yogurt include hormones which can cause an adverse reaction by kicking your oil glands into over drive. This is the first food group you should consider cutting out if your skin looks stressed. As everyone is different, you may require limiting dairy to occasional indulgence rather than completing restricting it altogether. However, it's best to avoid it completely, then slowly reincorporate different products to be sure of what works for you.


     Do you know your skin type, or do you choose products based on what's trending, the packaging you prefer, or even what your friend says works for her? It's important to keep in mind that skin types between different individuals varies greatly, so what works for your favorite blogger may not work for you. If your skin is oily, make sure to choose products that are oil free, water based, and non-comedogenic. For dry skin, make sure to use a rich hydrating cream as part of your night time skincare routine to give your skin the boost it needs. Regardless of skin type and age, SPF is incredibly important for everyone to incorporate into their morning routine!


     If you're experiencing pre-menopause, your menstrual cycle, are pregnant, or about to give birth, it's likely the cause of your blemishes. These bodily changes are sure to effect your hormones, and can lead to an increase in clogged pores. Products with salicylic acid, found in acne cleansers and lotions, is a great way to diminish the less than enjoyable effects you might be experiencing. Be sure to check with a doctor to confirm the acne products you wish to apply are safe for you.

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth

     If you love sweets, it is likely to affect more than just your waist line! Sugar spikes insulin levels very quickly. For a large amount of individuals, this causes oil producing hormones to create much for sebum than needed, in addition to encouraging inflammation. Do your best to limit sugars, and instead focus on low glycemic foods which will help to regulate your blood sugar. These include whole grains, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and more.

     Remember that while skincare products are a crucial aspect to achieving healthy skin, your lifestyle choices are equally important. Follow the steps above to keep yourself on track! Do you have a request for our next post? We would love to know! Check out our social media pages below and leave us a comment!

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