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       Facial cleansing tools have become incredibly popular over the last few years, and for good reason! They provide you with a deeper clean when compared to traditional methods, can help to get rid of breakouts, and are common components to anti-aging routines. There are many different styles to choose from. We're featuring the very popular Foreo line today, keep reading to find the perfect facial cleansing brush for you!

       Foreo products have a unique silicone design. With a wide range of cleansing tools, there is a device that is perfect for everyone. These tools are non abrasive, and use 1,300 touch points which target all skin types. Best of all, there are no brush heads to replace! 

       The first cleansing tools released by Foreo are the Foreo Luna, Foreo Luna Mini, and Foreo Luna for Men. These tools have 8 different speeds and will transform your skincare routine at a great price point! Enjoy the benefits Foreo provides, while saving money with the first versions available.




 $99 $169


       Foreo then revolutionized their line with the second version that includes the Foreo Luna 2, Foreo Luna Mini 2, and Foreo Luna 2 for Men! The new brush head is 50% bigger than the first, and 4 more speeds have been added for an updated range of 12.

Foreo Luna 2 Foreo Luna Mini 2 


$199 $139 $199


       Last but certainly not Least are the Foreo Luna Pro and Foreo Luna Play. If you love an incredibly luxurious experience with optimal performance, the Pro is definitely for you. Enjoy a brush that specifically targets anti-aging with it's unique design. Wrinkle prone areas will become smoother and less noticeable with regular use. The Foreo Luna Play is perfect for those of you who travel and need a small, compact, yet effective cleansing experience. It's a macaroon-sized device, with an incredible price point! If you're aways on the go, click here to shop this device and add it to your cart.

Foreo Luna Pro Foreo Luna Play





Make sure your FOREO is authentic. You can shop with confidence knowing that all FOREO devices sold on askderm.com are 100% authorized directly from the manufacturer.

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